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Custody & Fund desk

Are you a bank or financial institution looking for a reliable custodian to provide comprehensive trading and custody services for your investment fund portfolio and hedge funds?

We provide personalized services adapted to your needs and trading volumes and execute your transactions for over 200,000 funds and hedge funds. We safeguard your assets and provide asset servicing for your portfolio, including a trailer fee collection service.

Our Lausanne-based teams have a wealth of experience and will provide you with prompt, high-quality service.

Our strengths

  • One-stop shop for custody services in Lausanne

  • Access to a universe of 150,000 funds and 50,000 hedge funds, plus listed and unlisted real estate funds 

  • Fund desk with six specialists available from 8am to 6pm to manage your orders

  • Unique volume-based pricing featuring a no-surprise all-in fee 

  • Simple contractual framework under Swiss law (place of jurisdiction Lausanne)

  • A dedicated and experienced team to manage all aspects of your portfolio



What is the minimum portfolio size required to use BCV’s Custody and Fund desk services?

  • In principle, we offer these services to portfolios totaling CHF 200m and up.

Are your services for banks only?

  • We provide our services to any financial institution that can professionally and automatically process all information flows necessary for the trading, custody, and asset servicing of funds (typically through a SWIFT connection).

How do BCV’s services compare with those of the main market players?

  • Thanks to our relationship with the largest international fund trading platforms, we provide quality services that meet the highest market standards.

What banks use your Custody and Fund desk services?

  • As of 2021, four cantonal banks use our Custody and Fund desk services.


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