Be wary if you get a phone call from someone claiming to be an IT support person. When making payments, be sure to check the payee's bank details and the amount. Your log-in details are confidential, never share them with anyone!

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Silver Mastercard® and Visa

The perfect card for trips and reservations


Practical features

  • Make cash-free payments in stores or online 24/7
  • Get free purchase protection and travel insurance in Switzerland and abroad. Learn more on Viseca’s website:
  • Pay for small purchases using our contactless payment feature
  • Use BCV-net and BCV Mobile to keep track of your payments, cancel a lost or stolen card, and receive bills free of charge
  • Confirm your online payments with Viseca’s “one” app
  • Get surprize points and trade them in for special offers and discounts
  • Digital wallets (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Swatch Pay!, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay).


* For customers aged 18 and up, subject to BCV credit approval. Under Swiss consumer credit law, credit cannot be granted if it would cause the consumer to become over-indebted.

 For information on services not listed above, see our BCV Cards page.

Fees and conditions



Fee for primary card

Minimum age

18 years old

Spending limits

  • Set according to your personal financial situation
  • Cannot exceed CHF 10,000/month


Useful documents

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