Be wary if you get a phone call from someone claiming to be an IT support person. When making payments, be sure to check the payee's bank details and the amount. Your log-in details are confidential, never share them with anyone!

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Banking packs for your child

You want the best for them – we can help

AGES 0 - 18

+ CHF 40 automatically credited to the account when opened by the child’s parents


Custodial Savings account

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A Custodial Savings account

A higher interest rate than a current account (see rates)

Free annual account statements and no account management fee

A complimentary piggy bank and cuddly toy

A special certificate to give them when they turn 18

CHF 10 donated by BCV to the Étoile Filante foundation

AGES 7 - 14

+ CHF 50 automatically credited to new accounts


Junior banking pack

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A Junior current account

A Junior savings account

A Visa Debit card

+ No fees on CHF & EUR withdrawals at ATMs operated by BCV or other cantonal banks

Parental supervision

AGES 14 - 20

+ 2 free entries to the MAD for account holders 18 and older


Youth banking pack

Open an account online (in French)

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A Youth current account

A Young Savers Account

A Visa Debit card

+ No fees on CHF & EUR withdrawals at ATMs operated by BCV or other cantonal banks


A Silver credit card (18 or older)*

+ No monthly fee


* For customers aged 18 and up, subject to BCV credit approval. Under Swiss consumer credit law, credit cannot be granted if it would cause the consumer to become over-indebted.

Junior banking pack

Supporting your child

Learning to manage money is a big step for children. Fortunately, you’re there to help them make wise choices and become more independent:

  • Set limits for their Junior Visa Debit card, BCV TWINT app, and accounts.
  • Keep an eye on their spending using your BCV-net and BCV Mobile login or by getting their account statements and transaction advices sent to you.
  • For added security, they can make online payments only after the feature has been activated on their BCV Mobile app. That way, you can talk to your child in advance about what they need and how they can shop online wisely.
  • For your child’s safety, payments are blocked on certain websites (online betting and gambling, tobacco sales, and adult content).

Advice and support

How to talk to your child about money

“Mom, Dad...

  • ... what does it mean to be rich or poor?”
  • ... how does a credit card work?”
  • ... why do people save money?”

As a parent, you’re used to your child’s seemingly endless supply of questions.
So that you can have the right answers when they ask about money, the Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks has created a useful website: (in French, German, and Italian).

There, you can find answers to questions you and your child may have about managing a budget along with advice and simple, clear explanations of financial terms.

Having trouble deciding? Need advice?