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Young Professional banking pack for 20-30 year olds

No fee for the first 6 months


  • An all-in-one banking pack that includes only the services you need: online banking and the use of BCV ATMs.


Here's what you get

  • a Young Professional account to manage your money and receive your salary
  • a e-Savings account to save for a rainy day
  • A Visa Debit card 
  • a Silver Visa / MasterCard®* free for 6 months or if you’re under 26, pour régler vos dépenses en toute flexibilité dans le monde entier (achats "coup de coeur", vacances,...)
  • BCV-net and BCV Mobile to keep an eye on your money 24/7
  • an  Epargne 3 Youth account that pays an additional 0.3 percentage point in interest, to save on taxes and start building up your retirement savings
  • a Portfolio 3 account, to invest your third-pillar savings. We’ll match up to CHF 100 on your first deposit into your Epargne 3 Youth account if you open it at the same time as a Portfolio 3 account that you regularly pay into with a standing order
  • "L'avenir est à nous!" newsletter, with great prizes, fun deals and useful tips
  • BCV EXTRA, for great deals on fun activities using votre carte Visa Debit®


*Subject to conditions


Fees and conditions

All-in fee

  • CHF 2/month
    This fee includes the all-in monthly fee and the annual fee for la carte Visa Debit®
  • Waived for the first 6 months
  • Then, waived if you hold more than CHF 10,000 in assets at BCV

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