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Junior banking pack

 For 7-14 year olds


  • An all-in-one banking pack that includes only the services you need: online banking and the use of BCV ATMs.
  • Get CHF 50 when you open an account!


Here's what you get

  • a Junior current account to manage your money and withdraw
  • a Young Savers account to set some money aside
  • a Junior Visa Debit Card
  • BCV-net and BCV Mobile to keep an eye on your money 24/7
  • BCV TWINT to get your spending money sent straight to your account, pay for purchases, and send money.


If you're interested, talk to your parents. One of them will have to come with to open your accounts and sign the necessary forms.

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Fees and conditions

All-in fee

  • Waived
    The fee waiver covers the monthly all-in fee and the annual fee for la carte Visa Debit® Juniors

For all other accounts and services, please see our Terms and conditions.


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