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BCV is one of Switzerland's top-rated institutional asset managers. Over 500 institutional investors in both French- and German-speaking Switzerland have entrusted their assets to us. Alongside our leading-edge expertise, clients can pick from a wide range of BCV funds, which regularly rank among the best in their categories.

40 asset managers

BCV is a pioneer in the creation and management of investment funds. We manage around 60 funds covering the most important markets and main asset classes.

Our investment funds and discretionary mandates are managed by around 40 asset managers with specific areas of expertise:

  • Equities
  • Bonds
  • Indirectly owned Swiss real estate
  • Commodities
  • Alternative asset management
  • Quantitative asset management
  • Global discretionary mandates
  • Asset allocation funds
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Long-term returns

Decisions are taken twice monthly, and tactical asset allocations are based on BCV's macroeconomic scenario. We allocate investments between asset classes on the basis of a top-down analysis. The investment approach is then harmonized using model portfolios. We use the core-satellite technique to control deviations from the benchmark investment universe and limit risk, making particular use of decorrelated management styles. Our high-quality operational structure means that the portfolios we manage show limited dispersion of returns.

Risk management and transparency are central to our investment process. We are looking to achieve stable long-term returns through a combination of investment techniques.

Fernando Martins Da Silva, Head of Investment Policy at BCV


The latest macro and market news

Every week we issue a “Coup d’œil” newsletter (in French and German) to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in the global economy and equity, bond, and forex markets. Plus you get an inside look at our experts’ forecasts for the various asset classes.


Coup d'oeil institutionnel

Across Switzerland

BCV's specialists in both French- and German-speaking Switzerland can respond quickly to your needs.

De Lausanne à Zurich

Conferences and training

Our investor events give you the opportunity to meet and learn with specialists in their fields. In addition, Fernando Martins Da Silva, BCV's head of investment policy, holds quarterly breakfast and evening events in which he presents BCV's investment strategy. For more than ten years, pension board members have been able to attend training sessions run by BCV specialists.

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