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Viewing and changing your BCV TWINT spending limits

Updated on 05 October 2023

Limits for adults with BCV TWINT linked to a bank account

For BCV TWINT, your default monthly limits are CHF 4,000 for money transfers between individuals and CHF 5,000 for payments to retailers.

You can view your limits in the BCV TWINT app under “Limits and activity.”

You can increase your payment limit to a maximum of CHF 10,000 in the BCV Mobile app under “More” > “BCV TWINT.” You can also decrease any of your limits.

However, you cannot spend more than is available in your BCV TWINT-linked account. For example, if you have CHF 100 in your account, your BCV TWINT spending limit will be CHF 100. 


Limits for adults with BCV TWINT linked to a credit card

If you have selected a credit card as your source of funds for BCV TWINT, the spending limits shown in the app do not apply. Instead, it’s your credit card’s spending limits that count. 


Limits for children aged 7 to 13

The default monthly limits for juniors (ages 7 to 13) are CHF 200 for sending money, CHF 1,000 for receiving money, and CHF 200 for payments to retailers.

Juniors can view their limits in the BCV TWINT app under “Limits and activity”.

To increase or decrease their child’s payment limit, parents authorized to view the account can call BCV to request the change.

Juniors also have a default account spending limit of CHF 200. This limit applies to both their debit card and BCV TWINT and concerns any type of debit made to the account (including, e.g., over-the-counter withdrawals and BCV-net or BCV Mobile payments). So, if a parent wants to increase their child’s BCV TWINT payment limit to CHF 500, for example, they will also need to increase the account limit to the same amount.

Finally, as with adults, juniors can only spend up to the amount available in their account. For example, if they only have CHF 100 left in the account, then their BCV TWINT limit will also be CHF 100. 

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