Be wary if you get a phone call from someone claiming to be an IT support person. When making payments, be sure to check the payee's bank details and the amount. Your log-in details are confidential, never share them with anyone!

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TWINT QR code sticker

Updated on 13 October 2023

If you are a corporate client with BCV

Order a TWINT QR code sticker now and pay no transaction fees through 15 November 2023 (up to CHF 200 per corporate client).

There are other ways to integrate TWINT into your payment process in store, online, or on the go. See the following page:

If you are an individual client with BCV

If you want to use TWINT to receive payments for a side job or as part of an event you’re organizing, the TWINT QR code sticker is for you:

  •  no payment terminal necessary
  •  transaction fee capped at 1.3% of the payment amount
  • no set fees
  • each customer can pay separately
  •  cashless transactions
  • secure payout directly to your account on a daily or weekly basis*
  • choice of sticker with either a fixed or variable amount.

*Payments are anonymous. You will not receive any personal information on payers.

To learn more about the TWINT QR code sticker and order yours, go to:

The TWINT QR code sticker is not associated with the BCV TWINT app. 

If you represent a non-profit

RaiseNow is a donation-collection solution that offers non-profits – such as clubs, associations, and non-governmental organizations – the same advantages as the TWINT QR code sticker, plus:  

  • customized features, such as in-person or online payments, and donation and payment forms for members, donors, or contributors
  • a dashboard with detailed reports
  • incoming payments with information on the payer
  • PayLink and PayButton for web channels
  • TWINT QR code extension for donation and payment forms
  • integration with your software, such as ClubDesk, Webling, or Fairgate.
  • For more information, see:

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