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We have one of the largest trading rooms in French-speaking Switzerland and over 200 finance professionals to help you set up your own structured product or launch your private-label investment fund. We also offer additional services to independent asset managers.

Custom structured products

If you want to issue your own custom product, our client team will work with you throughout the issue process and then during the life of the product in the secondary market.


Custom investment funds


Gérifonds has 50 years of experience in Switzerland and 20 years in Luxembourg in the fund management industry which is the equivalent of a Management Company (ManCo) in Luxembourg. As of the 31st December 2019 we handle a total of CHF 15.5 billion assets, 119 funds. We also have proven processes, stability of tenure of personnel who are experts in their field all of which enables us to offer a first-rate service to our partners.

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