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Paying at Coop with BCV TWINT

Updated on 20 December 2023

Collect superpoints automatically

Paying at Coop with BCV TWINT isn’t just fast and secure – it also means you can automatically collect Coop superpoints without having to show your Supercard. 


Save your Coop Supercard in BCV TWINT

To automatically collect superpoints at Coop, you need to save your Supercard in the BCV TWINT app.

  • Open the BCV TWINT app and tap the menu icon.
  • Select “Loyalty cards.”
  • Tap on the “+” and select “Coop Supercard”
  • Sign in with your Supercard login

Your Supercard has now been saved.


Paying at the register at Coop

  • Use the TWINT app to scan the QR code at the payment terminal while your shopping is being scanned
  • Confirm your payment, if necessary


Paying at self-checkouts at Coop       

  • Once you have scanned the first product, scan the QR code on the payment terminal with the TWINT app
  • Continue to follow the instructions on the self-checkout screen


What to do when superpoints aren’t collected

Make sure to follow the steps above exactly, or else you will not collect superpoints automatically. 

After making a purchase, you can always check your receipt to see whether your Supercard was credited for the purchase.

If not, you can easily recoup the superpoints by showing your receipt at any Coop checkout line.

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