Custodial Savings Account

 From birth to age 18

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Campagne Epargne cadeau

Build a nest egg for the newborn in your life

The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time and the start of a whole new life. What better gift than to help the child save for its future? With our Custodial Savings account, as a parent, family member, or close friend, you can open an account for the child and put money in it over the years. That way, when he or she turns 18, you’ll have accumulated 18 years of savings to give them.




  • A higher interest rate than a current account
  • A free piggy bank when you open the account
  • A special certificate to give the child when he or she turns 18
  • No account management fees
  • Annual account statements, free of charge


Just for parents

  • CHF 40 automatically credited to the new Custodial Savings Account
  • A cuddly star toy for your baby
  • BCV will donate CHF 10 to the Étoile Filante foundation, which makes dreams come true for sick children

Give them a head start

Help the special child in your life start off adulthood on the right foot. Monthly deposits of CHF 40 (which can be made with a standing order) beginning when the child is born will add up to savings of CHF 8,640 (not including interest) when he or she turns 18.


Étoile Filante foundation

Thanks to you, BCV can help Étoile Filante make children’s dreams come true. For every Custodial Savings account opened by a parent, BCV will donate CHF 10 to the Étoile Filante (Shooting Star Foundation), an organization that grants the wishes of children living with a serious disease or disability. To learn more about the foundation, visit


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Épargne BCV

Brochure (in French) about BCV’s various savings accounts.

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Custodial Savings account: How it works

Informational flyer (in French) about BCV’s Custodial Savings accounts, an attractive solution that lets you build a nest egg to give to a special child in your life when they turn 18.

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