Payment cards make purchasing a snap

Our all-in-one banking packs for 14–30-year-olds include several types of payment cards – including a no-fee PrePaid card – for fast and easy shopping.

Bank cards




Our BCV Maestro card can be linked to several accounts and is perfect for your day-to-day banking needs:


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Carte Maestro


Prepaid card

Keep your spending in check with our PrePaid card, reloadable on BCV-net. Use it to:

  • Purchase items online and in shops
  • Enjoy our best price guarantee

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Carte PrePaid

Credit cards

Visa et MasterCard® Argent (470x200)

Silver Mastercard® and Visa

Versatile cards for all occasions:

  • Purchase items online and in shops
  • Get free purchase protection and travel insurance
  • Rent a car without a cash deposit

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Pay with a wave of your hand

Our cards feature contactless payment technology.

Simply wave your card over the reader and your payment will be made automatically – no need for a signature or PIN.

It can be used for purchases of up to 40 francs.

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BCV Youth Accounts

Whether you’re a student, in vocational training, or working and under 30, we have special, all-in-one banking packs just for you. They offer a simple way to manage your money, save for a rainy day, and pay for purchases by card.

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Budget mensuel

Que vous soyez apprenti(e), étudiant(e) ou jeune employé(e), cette feuille excel vous permet de calculer facilement votre budget.

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Cartes BCV

L'ensemble des cartes disponibles à la BCV sont décrites en détail.

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