Leave the heavy lifting to us

When you enter into a discretionary management agreement with BCV, our experts manage all aspects of your investment portfolio – responsibly and sustainably.
We offer a range of ESG and ESG Impact agreements that you can choose from.



  • Track your portfolio's performance with regular market updates and detailed performance reports.
  • Take advantage of our rigorous asset management process that includes daily monitoring of portfolios. We'll optimize your asset allocation according to our experts' macroeconomic outlook.
  • Do your part for sustainable development. We systematically integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria in our fund-selection process. Where competing funds offer similar financial profiles, we favor those with the best sustainability profile.
  • Give us instructions for how you want your assets to be managed or what general strategy we should follow.
  • View your portfolio's investments and performance online.
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Choosing the right agreement

If sustainable development is important to you: Our asset managers take a sustainable and socially responsible approach and incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria when selecting investment products for your portfolio. Where competing funds offer similar financial profiles, we favor those with the best sustainability profile. Our ESG Impact agreements invest a portion of your assets in thematic products that actively contribute to sustainable development.

  • ESG agreements: at least two-thirds of the instruments meet ESG criteria
  • ESG Impact agreements: 100% of the instruments meet ESG criteria and at least 25% are sustainability-themed products

We tailor our agreements to your investor profile: Our offering covers two investment strategies and five risk profiles for a total of nine possible agreements. We will sit down with you to identify your investor profile, taking into account your financial capacity, your risk tolerance, and your experience in finance.


Two types of investment strategies

Our semi-active investment strategies are based on a benchmark asset allocation that fits your investment profile. We optimize exposure to the various asset classes without deviating substantially from the benchmark. Our asset managers aim to outperform the benchmark index through tactical allocation and careful asset selection.


With our active investment strategies, we focus on keeping the portfolio’s risk within a set range. We aim to limit significant negative returns and take advantage of market upside by adjusting the asset allocation more frequently in response to market movements.


Our online platform

Keep tabs on your portfolio’s composition and performance and enjoy 24/7 access to our expert analysis of the latest financial news via our secure online platform, BCV Mandat de Gestion. You can access this platform directly from BCV-net.

Other management options

BCV Conseil

If you would like to manage your own portfolio and have the final say on your investments while still drawing on the expert advice of our professionals, then our range of BCV Conseil services is for you.

BCV Conseil


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Asset management agreements

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Our range of asset management agreements is designed so that BCV’s qualified experts can manage your whole portfolio from A to Z.

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Asset management agreements - Active strategies

Asset allocation funds invest across the main asset classes in various proportions that correspond to investors’ individual needs and objectives. Active profiles have significant leeway to vary their exposure to the various asset classes.

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Asset management agreements - Semi-active strategies

Leave the heavy lifting to us. With a discretionary management agreement, BCV’s qualified specialists will manage your portfolio from A to Z. Our experts draw on their deep knowledge and experience when investing your assets, taking a flexible and transparent approach to optimize risk management while still delivering the returns that you need to meet your financial goals.

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