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Our Stratégie Equipondéré ESG Impact fund is for investors with a balanced risk profile who are seeking long-term capital growth and additional income through a sustainable investment.


  • This fund is a diversified solution for investors who want to have a positive impact on society and the environment.
  • With a time horizon of over seven years, this fund strikes a balance between the target return and moderate risk tolerance.
  • Investment decisions take into account sustainability factors while adhering to strict financial criteria in terms of risk, return, liquidity, and cost.
  • The investment strategy is built around specific themes and trends in favor of sustainable development.
  • This fund is managed and closely monitored by a team of experts.


Our Stratégie Equipondéré ESG Impact fund reflects BCV’s Balanced investment strategy. It’s a diversified solution designed to produce both capital growth and steady income.

The bulk of the portfolio is invested in stocks and bonds, which are equally weighted. A small allocation is set aside for other asset classes (such as Swiss real estate) that can be added to improve long-term profitability and reduce volatility.

When we select companies to invest in, we apply both our core financial analysis and ESG criteria.

Sustainability features

ESG criteria and sustainable investing

  • Focus on companies with the best ESG practices in their respective sector
  • Support for sustainable development objectives
  • Policy of sustainable voting at shareholder meetings
  • Stringent exclusion criteria
  • Our Stratégie Equipondéré ESG Impact fund focuses on themes that actively promote sustainable development by investing in companies whose products and services directly address these issues.
  • The thematic component of the portfolio invests in areas such as renewable energy, clean and innovative technology, water and waste management, affordable housing, and education and training.
  • In addition to these thematic investments, the portfolio also includes funds – covering various asset classes – that apply ESG criteria. We use both qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate companies’ ESG practices.

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