We make banking easy

You've worked hard for your money; enjoying it should be easy. At BCV, we offer a range of hassle-free services that cover every banking need, from paying bills online and withdrawing cash to building up your savings and investing for the future.

Accounts and all-in-one banking packs

Premium banking pack: maximum flexibility

If you want maximum flexibility in how you manage your day-to-day finances, then our Premium banking pack is for you. It includes all the essential banking services you need with the freedom to use them how you want.

Savings accounts: a cushion to fall back on

Our savings accounts lets you put money aside for that dream home or vacation, or simply for a rainy day.

Payment methods: take your pick

We offer a wide range of payment methods so you can quickly and easily pay your bills. Our BCV-net online banking system lets you make secure online payments 24/7, while BCV-Top lets you pay bills from the comfort of your own home. You can create standing orders to pay a set amount every month, or you can opt for direct debit. We also offer an extensive lineup of payment cards for every need: Maestro, Silver and Gold Visa, Silver and Gold World MasterCard®, and Platinum Visa.

The Swiss system of payment transactions is set to evolve in the coming years. How will this affect you? For starters, a single payment slip will be developed, plus you will see some changes in our e-banking interface.

Portfolio account: manage your investments

A Portfolio account is a cash account linked to your securities account and used to manage your securities transactions. It can be denominated in CHF and a range of other currencies.


Special deals around Vaud

BCV, in cooperation with the Lake Geneva Region Tourist Office, is proud to introduce BCV Extra, which entitles all holders of a BCV Maestro card to special prices on a wide variety of activities all over the Canton.

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