TradeDirect puts you in the driver's seat for e-trading. You can buy and sell securities – stocks, bonds, funds, derivatives and more – directly online through secure transactions with low fees.


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  • You can trade on over 25 exchanges around the world in real time, using customizable trading tools – TradeDirect's latest-generation online platform gives you the speed and efficiency of a professional system
  • You can manage your portfolio even when you're on the go with TradeDirect’s apps for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets
  • You can take advantage of low, fully-transparent fees for trades on the main exchanges


A pioneering Platform

TradeDirect, launched in 1999, was one of Switzerland's first online trading platforms.

Advanced tools for tracking investment performance

Draw on a wide range of tools to manage your portfolio like a pro. Use our watchlists to simulate various investments, and set up email and text alerts to get updates on your favorite securities.

With the platform’s theScreener feature, you can quickly research different securities, whether you are looking for short-term gains or long-term investment opportunities.

Enhanced security

Thanks to a dual security system, only you and people you designate can view your account.

Because TradeDirect is a BCV company, you get the backing of Switzerland's second-largest cantonal bank – one of the few banks in the world to have a AA rating.

Fees and conditions

TradeDirect is one of the most affordable online brokers.


Fees and conditions

Examples of brokerage fees (excluding federal stamp duty and exchange fees)

  • Switzerland: starting at CHF 6.90
  • Xetra: starting at EUR 19.90
  • Paris and Amsterdam: starting at EUR 19.90
  • London: starting at GBP 19.90

Account administration fees

  • Calculated and billed quarterly
  • 0.025% of the securities on deposit (minimum fee of CHF 10 and a maximum of CHF 25), plus 0.025% of any securities on deposit that
    are not tradable online

No account management fees are charged on accounts in CHF, USD, or EUR. You will not be charged any fees for transfers of CHF from your TradeDirect account to a bank account in Switzerland if the transfer is done via BCV-net (BCV's online banking system).

See the TradeDirect website for a full fee schedule and the terms and conditions.


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