Enjoying your retirement

Retirement is the perfect opportunity to do all those things you never had time for. We’ll help you make the right financial decisions so you can live your new life to the fullest.

You have some choices to make

Spending versus saving

To enjoy a comfortable retirement, you need enough pension and investment income to cover your expenses while you preserve your wealth over the long term. Choose between an investment-based strategy and a spending-based one, according to your level of income and assets.


Invest for the long term

An investment-based strategy is focused on leveraging your wealth for the long term. Our advisors will recommend the best investments for you based on your financial objectives, investor profile, and investment horizon.


Enjoy the fruits of your labor

A spending-based strategy lets you achieve your retirement aspirations, whether that involves taking a trip around the world, donating time to your favorite charity, or becoming a patron of the arts. Our advisors will help you draw up the necessary budget and select the right investments to supplement your second- and third-pillar income. They will assess your financial situation and goals, taking into account the level of lifestyle you wish to maintain.


Give a gift to your children

If you already have enough income for the retirement you want, you may want to give part of your wealth to your children during your lifetime. Such gifts have considerable tax benefits: up to CHF 50,000 per child per calendar year is tax-exempt, provided the giver is a tax resident of Vaud. Gifts above CHF 50,000 are taxed on a sliding scale depending on the amount.

Solutions, whatever your needs

Life annuity

With the RP Rente Viagère life annuity contract, you can make a secure lump-sum investment and receive steady income for the rest of your life. Perfect for when you retire.

Steady income

RP Rente Certaine is a term-certain annuity contract that turns your savings into steady income for a fixed number of years.

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