Doing business internationally

Is your company looking to do business on the international markets? We offer a range of services specifically designed to facilitate your transactions abroad, whether you're buying components, selling products, seeking international financing or looking to make forex transactions.

We also have one of the largest trading floors in French-speaking Switzerland staffed by 70 experts, together with an international network of trusted partners.

Travailler à l'international - blanc


Making those first steps

Your business is growing, and you may now have clients outside Switzerland. Or your sub-contractors may include companies located just over the border. This means you’ll have to manage funds denominated in currencies other than the Swiss franc. So you’ll have to make forex transactions, and for this you'll need the right kind of support. Our advisors will help you through your first international transactions and help you select products suited to your needs.

BCV Corporate current account

This current account is available in most currencies and enables you to manage cash and process incoming and outgoing payments from Switzerland and abroad.

Expanding your international business

If you’re in the import/export business, involved in commodities trading or forex transactions, we offer a range of solutions to facilitate your international business operations.

Documentary credits

With a documentary credit, we undertake, on your behalf, to pay the seller a certain amount in the agreed currency, provided that the seller delivers the necessary documents on time.


BCV e-FOREX is a free application. It enables you to place spot, forward and swap trades at any time of the day or night, giving you a quick and flexible way of hedging currency risk.

Currency hedging products

If you are an importer or exporter and you want to reduce currency risk so that you can plan your income and expenses on international transactions more effectively, we can help. Just pick the product best suited to your needs from among our range of hedging products.

Making the most of cash

If you want the best return on your cash and are willing to accept the risk of being reimbursed in another predefined currency, our Dual Currency Certificate is worth considering. It offers a higher return that can be achieved on the money market.

Trade finance account

This account is designed to help clients involved in trade finance activities manage their cash. It’s available in Swiss francs, euros, US dollars and pounds sterling.

Making international payments

SWIFT GPI – the new global payment standard – provides fast, trackable, and transparent cross-border payment services.

Working with different currencies

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