Management and advice for pension funds

We have been managing and administering pension plans for companies for over twenty years. Our team of 35 dedicated pension experts is at your service.


  • Our pension team manages occupational plans for companies. We have long-standing expertise in this area and offer a full range of pension services that can be tailored to suit your company’s needs.
  • We can answer general questions concerning the day-to-day management of your pension fund, as well as more specific questions concerning tax, financial and estate planning.
  • As we are a bank, we can also manage pension fund assets – we have a team of experts dedicated to just this.


A full range of services

We cover all aspects of occupational pensions.

You can choose which services you wish to receive for your pension fund. We can take on administrative, accounting, actuarial, technical and financial tasks for you depending on your needs.

Administrative and technical management

This includes managing pension fund members (e.g. employees), determining and receiving contributions, calculating and paying benefits and managing reinsurance.


This covers all aspects of accounting for your pension funds, including financial investments and withholding tax.

Asset-liability management

We help you determine your fund's investment strategy by analyzing your pension commitments and the breakdown of fund members between working members and pension récipients.

Actuarial advice

We can analyze the death, disability and longevity risk to help you develop the most appropriate pension plan and optimize reinsurance contracts.

Training for pension board members

We offer training for pension board members on a range of topics, including investing pension assets, pension plan management, legal provisions and actuarial matters.

Multiple skills

We offer a range of experts in different fields, all under the same roof.

Gestion caisse de pension


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