Term account

With a Term account, your company can make short-term cash investments – from 1 to 12 months – in Swiss francs and foreign currencies.


  • With this account, your company can invest cash with BCV for a fixed term. Because BCV has an excellent rating (AA stable), you know that the assets are extremely safe.
  • The investment amount, the interest rate and the term are determined when the account is opened. At the end of the term the funds are released and may be reinvested in a new term account.
  • The interest rate is based on money market rates in effect when the account is opened. Term accounts are subject to withholding tax but are not charged fees or commissions.

Fees and conditions

Interest rate

  • Indexed to the money market and dependent on the term and deposit amount


  • 1 to 12 months
  • A term as short as one week is possible for a minimum deposit of CHF 500,000

Minimum deposit

  • CHF 100,000 or the foreign-currency equivalent


  • Depends on the term

Early redemption

  • If the funds are redeemed before the end of the notice period (with BCV's prior approval), a fee of at least 2% of the redeemed amount will be charged.

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