For your bond trading needs

Bonds and interest-rate derivatives are a speciality of BCV's trading room. We have a major presence in the capital markets and can provide you with our expertise in Swiss franc-denominated products. We quote prices on a daily basis to various financial, commercial and bank counterparties, on cash and derivative products (bonds and interest-rate swaps).

 Your requirements

  • Independent advice and access to a broad market
  • A market contact with in-depth understanding of events and special situations
  • Immediate response to your price enquiries for block trades involving bonds

Our service

  • Broad market access and actively managed Nostro positions aimed at identifying appropriate opportunities
  • Suitable proposals to support your investment process
  • Ongoing monitoring, keeping you informed about the performance of your bond portfolio and enabling you to liquidate positions at competitive prices

Bonds: our offering

Primary market

You have access to the bond issues for which BCV is a member of the issuing syndicate.

Secondary market

Every day, you receive a "BCV CHF BONDS OFFER AXES" message via Bloomberg or email, setting out all our positions and our buying and selling interests.

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