BCV-managed fund Ethos II - Ethos Swiss Sustainable Equities awarded two-star FNG label for 2022

This label comes in recognition of the work accomplished by Ethos and BCV, and is in line with the two companies’ strategic partnership to provide investors with high-quality sustainable investment products. For the Ethos Swiss Sustainable Equities fund, Ethos carries out non-financial assessments of companies, exercises voting rights, and maintains a dialogue with the companies in the fund, while BCV’s Asset Management team contributes its expertise in financial analysis and portfolio management, particularly in the Swiss equities market.

Receiving the label is a first step for Ethos, which plans to submit its entire range of investment funds for independent certification.

The independent FNG label was created by the Nachhaltige Geldanlagen Forum, an association specializing in socially responsible investing (SRI) in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It is awarded to funds that meet the quality standards for sustainable investments and pass an independent audit conducted by the University of Hamburg. 

These quality standards include requirements for presenting the fund’s sustainable strategy, ESG analyses of each security in the portfolio, and the obligation to exclude companies active in sectors such as weapons, nuclear energy, coal, and shale oil. The label must be renewed each year.

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