Small business hotline

We offer a business hotline for all your day-to-day banking needs.


  • Our business hotline is run by a team of dedicated small-business experts able to provide you with personalized solutions. They handled over 100,000 requests a year over the past two years.
  • All your questions are answered quickly by someone experienced in small-business-related matters. With our small business hotline, we’re never far away when you need us.

Monday - Friday

0844 228 228

8am – 6pm

(to ensure the quality of our services, conversations may be recorded)


Get the documents you need for your tax return in electronic format.


Our hotline deals with all day-to-day banking requests. Here are our main services:



Payment transactions

  • Information concerning payments and transfers
  • Changes to payments and standing orders
  • Order forms, statements and other documents
  • Information on fees and commissions
  • Information on cards, BCV-net and other payment methods


  • General account information
  • Information on specific accounts and their terms and conditions
  • Opening and closing accounts


  • Information on exchange rates, banknotes and precious metals


  • Order documents and prospectuses
  • Information on our regional centers, clearing numbers, etc.

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