BCV capital goods loan

At each stage of your company’s life cycle, you’ll need to invest in capital goods. You can do this via a BCV capital goods loan.


A capital goods loan is a fixed-rate loan. The term of the loan will depend on the useful life of the equipment in question. This type of loan gives you good visibility for your financial expenses, as installments remain constant throughout the term of the loan.

Crédit d'équipement 1

At the end of the useful life of the capital goods, the loan has been fully repaid.

Crédit d'équipement 2

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Bénéficiez de 6 mois d’intérêt à 0% sur votre Crédit équipement pour financer l'achat d'un outil de production répondant à des critères écologiques.

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Capital goods loan versus leasing

  • The equipment belongs to you and only you.
  • You can use a single loan to acquire several items.
  • A capital goods loan offers greater flexibility concerning the initial downpayment.

Fees and conditions



Minimum amount

  • CHF 50,000


  • Generally 2 to 7 years
  • The term corresponds to the equipment’s useful life

Interest rates

  • Fixed
  • Set individually based on the company’s financial situation

Principal and interest payments

  • Quarterly
  • Principal and interest payments are made each quarter, and the amount due remains the same throughout the term of the loan.

A quoi sert un crédit d’investissement?

A l'exemple du groupe Élite, votre entreprise a un investissement important à faire pour le développement de ses activités. Que signifie obtenir un crédit d'investissement?

Regarder l’émission de La Télé "VOTRE ARGENT, SPÉCIAL PME"


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Crédit Equipement

Dans toutes les phases de vie de votre entreprise, vous devez investir dans votre outil de production. Ces investissements peuvent être réalisés grâce au crédit Equipement.

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