SME Direct credit facilities

Our SME Direct credit facilities help small businesses obtain the financing they need.
To apply, you can use our online application (in French) or contact a BCV advisor.

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Working-capital line of credit

SME Direct can take the form of a line of credit that provides your small business with the funds it needs to avoid a cash-flow crunch. The interest rate is variable and will be charged only on the amount of the credit facility that is actually used.

More about Working capital loan

Credit d'exploitation

Capital equipment loan

If your small business needs to buy or upgrade its equipment, you can
take out an SME Direct fixed-rate loan. The minimum loan amount is 20,000
francs, and the term of the loan depends on the equipment’s depreciation
period. Your loan payments will be constant throughout the term of the loan.

More about BCV capital goods loan

Crédit d'équipement 1


Bank guarantees and surety bonds

Bank guarantees, surety bonds, and similar products are what are known as conditional commitments, which means that the bank will fulfill the guarantee only if certain conditions are met. These guarantees are a good way of assuring your contractual partners that you are reliable and financially stable without you having to tie up your funds upfront. 

More about Bank guarantees and surety bonds

Garantie bancaire Fonctionnement


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