Euro savings account

This corporate savings account is designed to complement your current accounts. It lets you invest any surplus cash in euros over the medium or long term.


  • This interest-bearing account is a simple way to save up for future spending needs.
  • Because the account offers an attractive interest rate, it is subject to strict withdrawal conditions and should not be used for everyday payment transactions.

Fees and conditions

Interest rate

The current interest rate, which is based on market rates, is:

0.01% up to EUR 100 000
0% upper

Withdrawal limit

  • EUR 10,000 per month
  • 3 months' notice required for larger amounts

Interest calculation



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Tarifs et conditions des prestations de la clientèle entreprises

En tant que partenaire financier de référence des entreprises du canton de Vaud, nous vous proposons des prestations adaptées à vos besoins, dont vous trouvez les conditions et tarifs dans ce document.

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Budget de trésorerie

Ce fichier vous permet de disposer d'un canevas pour faire votre budget de trésorerie.

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