Corporate treasury account

Our Corporate treasury account provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing their payment transactions and cash flows. With this alternative to our Corporate current account, your business gains enhanced returns when interest rates go up.

Key features

  • The interest rate, which increases by levels, is determined automatically according to your average quarterly balance.
  • Your company can set up payments at any time. BCV-net access is included at no additional charge.
  • This account may also be used to obtain a line of credit so you can grow your business.

Fees and conditions



Interest rate

  • Progressive based on your average quarterly balance
  • In light of market rates, the current interest rate for CHF accounts is 0% on all amounts.
  • For accounts in all other currencies: 0% on all amounts.

Withdrawal limit

Funds may be withdrawn at any time with no prior notice




To save on postage, you can opt for a daily, weekly, or monthly statement rather than receiving an advice for each transaction.

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Tarifs et conditions des prestations de la clientèle entreprises

En tant que partenaire financier de référence des entreprises du canton de Vaud, nous vous proposons des prestations adaptées à vos besoins, dont vous trouvez les conditions et tarifs dans ce document.

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Budget de trésorerie

Ce fichier vous permet de disposer d'un canevas pour faire votre budget de trésorerie.

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