Gold MasterCard® or Visa credit card

Our Gold credit cards offer comfort and flexibility for your business transactions. They are designed specifically for people with high expectations in terms of customer service and features.

Key features

  • Accepted at shops in Switzerland and abroad. Our Gold cards include contactless payment technology and the 3-D Secure system for secure online payments.
  • Monthly spending limits are set according to your needs and finances.
  • Our Gold cards include purchase protection and travel insurance – especially important if you have an emergency while abroad.


Accepted around the world

Use our Gold World MasterCard® and Visa cards anywhere you are, in Switzerland or abroad.

You can withdraw cash in the local currency when you're in another country.

Select the currency of your Gold card (CHF, EUR, or USD) and make payments in the currency of your choice.

If you need to rent a car, our Gold card lets you do so without a cash deposit; it also includes insurance for the deductible in case of an accident.

Contactless payments

With our cards, you can make payments of up to CHF 40 with a simple wave of your hand. No need to sign a receipt or enter a PIN.

Secure online payments

  • VisecaOne is both an online service and an app for smartphones. It allows you to check your transaction history and available balance, and download bills free of charge.
  • VisecaOne provides an extra layer of security for all your online transactions, by letting you verify and approve all online payments you make with your card. You can access your account anytime, anywhere using a dynamic authentication procedure – making the process easier and more secure.
  • VisecaOne also uses MasterPass, a secure digital wallet. That means you no longer have to enter your card details because they are already recorded.

Purchase and travel insurance

When you use your BCV Gold card, your purchases are automatically covered by purchase protection and travel insurance.

That includes:

  • Travel insurance if you need to change or cancel a trip
  • Best price guarantee
  • Protection against lost, stolen, or damaged luggage
  • Protection against late luggage arrival
  • Purchase protection
  • Insurance for the deductible if you rent a car and get into an accident

 Learn more about this insurance at

Loyalty points

Every time you use your Gold card, you collect surprize points that you can trade in for special offers and discounts. Learn more at

You can also use surprize points to get a discount on your credit card’s annual fee (registration required).

Anytime, anywhere support

With your Gold card, you're automatically protected if your card is lost or used fraudulently (conditions apply).

You can get emergency assistance while you're travelling (including where to find nearby doctors, hospitals, and lawyers) from our partner Viseca.

Contact us immediately if your card is lost or stolen. We will cancel the card and issue a new one right away.


Fees and conditions


BCV Gold MasterCard – BCV Gold Visa



Monthly limit

Up to CHF 100,000 or equivalent, depending on your situation

Annual fee

  • CHF / EUR / USD 200/year ou EUR/USD 150/year
  • Additional card:
    • CHF 50/year with joint statement
    • CHF 75/year with separate statement
    • EUR/USD 75/year with joint or separate statement

Withdrawals at ATMs operated by BCV or other cantonal banks

  • With direct debit function: no fee
  • Without direct debit function: 3.5% (CHF 5 min.)

Withdrawals at other ATMs in Switzerland

  • With direct debit function: CHF 3/retrait en CHF
  • CHF 5/retrait en EUR*
  • Without direct debit function: 3.5% (CHF 10 min.)

Withdrawals at ATMs outside Switzerland

3.5% (CHF 10 min.)*

Over-the-counter withdrawals outside Switzerland

4% (CHF 10 min.)

Handling fee for foreign-currency purchases

1.5% max.

Contactless payment

With Paypass/PayWave for amounts up to CHF 40

Card replacement

Within 48 hours in the event of theft

*Conversion: sell exchange rate

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