Corporate Mastercard®

With the Corporate Mastercard®, your employees will be able to make work-related payments both in Switzerland and abroad, so there is no longer any need for cash advances.


  • The Corporate MasterCard® offers all the advantages of a credit card – it can be used to make payments anywhere in the world, cash can be withdrawn at ATMs or over the counter, accident insurance is provided, and hiring a car is made easier
  • An unlimited number of cards can be issued, and the administrative workload of managing business expenses is lightened


Contactless payments

Your employees will be able to pay for goods and services via the internet or in shops without having to carry cash. Certain limits will apply. The card also offers a contactless payment feature.

At your company’s service

The Corporate MasterCard® can also be used by centralized services such as the company store or travel center.

Centralized management

All cards are centrally managed using an online tool. This makes it easy to input data into your company’s accounting system and keep track of your employees’ expenses, while at the same time reducing costs and ensuring optimal security.

Custom cards

Silver and Gold cards (depending on the credit limit) are available in Swiss francs, euros or US dollars. We offer custom cards displaying your company logo.

Fees and conditions


Silver Corporate MasterCard®

Gold Corporate MasterCard®


  • CHF
  • CHF / EUR / USD

Monthly limit

  • According to company’s needs and situation
  • According to company’s needs and situation

Annual fee

  • CHF 100/an
  • Purchase and travel card: CHF 50/an
  • CHF 170/an ou EUR/USD 150/an
  • Purchase and travel card: CHF 50/an ou EUR/USD 40/an

ATM withdrawals

  • 3.5% (CHF 5 min.)
  • 3.5% (CHF 5 min.)

Withdrawals at ATMs outside Switzerland

  • 3.5% (CHF 10 min.)*
  • 3.5% (CHF 10 min.)*


Over-the-counter withdrawals outside Switzerland

  • 4% (CHF 10 min.)*
  • 4% (CHF 10 min.)*

Processing fee for foreign-currency purchases

  • 1.5%
  • 1.5%

Contactless payment

  • With Paypass for amounts up to CHF 40
  • With Paypass for amounts up to CHF 40

Card replacement

  • Within 48 hours in the event of theft
  • Within 48 hours in the event of theft

*Conversion: sell exchange rate


Cards subject to Viseca general terms and conditions for business and corporate cards.

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