Importing and exporting

We can assist you on international markets through our network of banking correspondents and financial institutions. BCV has many years of experience in providing expert advice and services to companies specializing in international trade.

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A choice of accounts

A foreign-currency account is essential when recording regular deposits and withdrawals in the same foreign currency or if you want to keep funds in their original currency. BCV provides various types of accounts adapted to the requirements of your international business.

Corporate current account

This basic account for managing your cash resources is well suited for international transactions.

Corporate treasury account

With this account you can optimize your payment transactions and your excess liquidity (in Swiss francs, euros, US dollars or sterling).

Euro current account

This account enables you to manage your cash while eliminating exchange-rate risk. You make your transactions directly in euros, including via BCV-net.

Foreign currency loans

You can also obtain commercial loans in foreign currencies from BCV to help expand and enhance your international business.

Short-term loan

Short-term loans can cover your liquidity requirements by setting up a credit limit on your current account. Interest is charged at a variable rate and the amount you pay is based on use of the credit facility, not on the limit granted.

Fixed-term advance

Fixed-term advances are commercial loans with a fixed rate of interest. The funds are released in the form of a lump sum and are also repaid in this form on a defined date.

Other import/export products

BCV provides other types of products to Companies specializing in international trade can choose from a number of other BCV products designed to reduce both transactional and forex risks.

Trade finance account

This account is designed for companies involved in the financing of commodities, precious metals and agrifoods. The account, which is not subject to transaction fees, can be denominated in Swiss francs, US dollars, euros or sterling.

Documentary credits

Documentary credits facilitate cross-border transactions where one or several banks are involved in executing payment obligations relating to a sales contract.


BCV e-FOREX is BCV’s comprehensive forex platform that lets you conduct spot and forward transactions and swaps.

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