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Selling your home

Is it time to move on? Be sure to carefully plan things out beforehand. Should you sell the property or gift it to a family member? Have you compared the different tax consequences? Your BCV advisor can help make sure you don’t overlook any important issues.

Selling your home, step by step

What to keep in mind

Assessing the value of your home

When selling your house or apartment, you need to know its real market value. That will depend on the size of the property, the year it was built and its general condition. Location is another key factor: in town or in the countryside, close to public transportation and other services of interest (such as hospitals, schools, and shops), and so on.

Tax considerations

Before selling your home, find out whether it makes more sense to gift it to a family member. The tax consequences of this decision may be significant. Also, did you know that the gain on the sale of your home is subject to Switzerland’s property gain tax?

Call on your BCV advisor

Your BCV advisor is on hand with the advice you'll need to make the right decisions. That’ll include what to do with your mortgage loan if you decide to sell or gift your home.

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