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House hunting

So you know whether you want a house or apartment, you have a budget, and you know where you want to live. It’s time to start looking!

Determine your budget

The first step in buying a home is determining how much you can afford to spend. Our advisors will help you establish a budget based on your annual income (including your household salary plus any pension or investment income) and the amount of cash you have on hand for a down payment. They will use a simulator to calculate the maximum amount you can spend on a new home. They will take into account the ongoing cost of owning a home: as a rule of thumb, mortgage payments and home maintenance should account for no more than one-third of your household’s gross annual income.

IncomeCHF 100 000

CHF 0CHF 1 000 000

Your contribution CHF 200 000

CHF 0CHF 1 000 000

You can buy a property worth up to


Get a leg up on other house-hunters with

BCV has partnered with, an easy-to-use property-listing website with sale and rental offers for all of Switzerland.

To help you find the property you're looking for, provides:

  • Hundreds of property ads from agencies and individuals
  • A complete description of each property
  • Aerial views of the properties’ location
  • Free text and email alerts

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