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BCV Conseil Premium

BCV Conseil Premium was designed for investors – like you – who set the bar high when it comes to portfolio management. This advisory service gives you access to BCV's full range of investment expertise through a dedicated and highly experienced Private Banking advisor. Your advisor will monitor your portfolio closely and send you targeted investment proposals and market research to help you achieve your investment goals.



With BCV Conseil Premium, you will be in direct contact with our investment specialists. They will work with you to build a portfolio that is aligned with your investment profile and your financial objectives. What’s more, you will be able to invest in attractively priced investment vehicles that are handpicked in line with BCV’s investment strategy.




With BCV Conseil Premium, you will have access to a universe of individual securities that BCV has handpicked for our private banking clients. Together with your advisor, you can draw on this universe to map out the investment themes we share with you.

We will help you fine-tune your portfolio by proactively sharing personalised investment themes with you based on your investment objectives. You will also get the latest market and economic news from our financial strategists through interviews and reports. Your two points of contact for all portfolio-related information will be your advisor and our BCV Conseil online platform.

We advise, you decide. We will provide you with a dedicated Private Banking advisor whom you can meet whenever you wish. Your advisor will present you with investment opportunities, which you can then take or leave as you see fit.

Targeted risk management is key to an effective advisory service. We will always double check your orders before executing them, and we will analyse your portfolio every day to ensure it remains consistent with your objectives.

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