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A device to scan your QR bills

Rather than entering all your QR-bill payment details by hand, simply use an optical reader designed to scan the QR code.

Scan your bills with PayEye

PayEye is a new optical reader developed by Crealogix to scan QR codes. It’s particularly useful for companies that have to pay a large number of bills – say, over 30 – every payment cycle.


  • Lets you scan and upload your bills to BCV-net or your payment software with just one click
  • Wireless-enabled (Bluetooth and WiFi)
  • Compatible with over 300 payment software programs
  • Can be charged using a USB-C cable or a docking station

Special offer through BCV

BCV customers can buy a BCV PayEye optical reader, together with a charging station and USB cable, at a discount price of CHF 198 instead of CHF 274.

Order a Payeye



How to install PayEye

Need help installing the PayEye software? Watch these handy online video tutorials from Crealogix.