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Stratégie Equipondéré ESG Ambition Asset allocation fund

Our Stratégie Equipondéré ESG Ambition fund is for investors with a balanced risk profile who are seeking long-term capital growth and additional income. We incorporate ESG criteria across the fund, and at least 25% of the portfolio assets are allocated to thematic investment products with holdings in companies addressing environmental and social challenges.


  • This fund is a diversified solution for investors who want to have a positive impact on society and the environment.
  • With an investment horizon of over seven years, this fund strikes a balance between the target return and moderate risk exposure.
  • Investment decisions take into account ESG factors while adhering to strict financial criteria in terms of risk, return, liquidity, and cost.
  • The investment strategy includes allocating at least 25% of the assets to thematic investment products focused on companies that offer solutions to environmental and social challenges. This fund is managed and closely monitored by a team of experts.


Our Stratégie Equipondéré ESG Ambition fund reflects BCV’s Balanced investment strategy. It’s a diversified solution designed to produce both capital growth and steady income.
The bulk of the portfolio is invested in stocks and bonds, which are equally weighted. A small allocation is set aside for other asset classes (such as Swiss real estate) that can be added to improve long-term profitability and reduce volatility.
ESG criteria are a key component of our investment selection process. Since we have an open-architecture approach at BCV, we can draw on the expertise of third-party fund managers with complementary know-how. We combine our core financial analysis with an assessment of ESG indicators, based on qualitative data from fund managers and asset-management firms and on quantitative ESG data from independent providers such as MSCI ESG Research.* Our fund managers then select investment products from the resulting investment universe.


*The benchmark indices cited in this document are registered trademarks for which BCV has a trademark license. The index providers shall not be held liable.

Sustainability features

Systematic application of ESG criteria and investments in thematic products

  • Invests in financial products with holdings in companies demonstrating good ESG practices
  • Thematic investments geared towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • The thematic component of the portfolio invests in financial products in areas such as renewable energy, clean and innovative technology, water and waste management, affordable housing, and education and training.
  • In addition to these thematic investments, the portfolio includes other funds – covering various asset classes – that apply ESG criteria. We use both qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate companies’ ESG practices. By integrating ESG criteria into our investment decisions, we can gauge companies’ exposure to non-financial risks and opportunities and assess how they manage those risks and seize those opportunities.


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