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Security Deposit account

When you rent an apartment or house, you usually need to put a security deposit of one to three months' rent into a bank account held jointly with the lessor. With our Security Deposit account, you can keep that money with us worry-free – and even earn interest on it.


  • The security deposit cannot be touched for the term of your lease.
  • The account is held in the tenant's name (or the tenants' names).
  • There's no fee if your salary is paid directly into your BCV current account. Otherwise, CHF 100 will be deducted when you close your Security Deposit account.
  • You can withdraw the interest that you'll earn every year.


The security deposit you put into this account will range from one to three months' rent, depending on the terms of your lease contract. The money in the account will earn interest, which you can withdraw.

The security deposit account will be held jointly by you and the lessor (the rental agency or property owner in most cases). The account will be blocked for the entire term of the lease, although you can withdraw the interest earned on the account. The funds will be released to you when the lease expires, unless the lessor claims all or part of it for unpaid rent or damage to the property.


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