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ESG Ambition asset allocation funds

Our ESG Ambition funds are designed especially for investors who are highly attuned to environmental and social issues. At least 80% of fund assets are invested in products incorporating ESG criteria, and at least 25% are allocated to thematic products invested in companies that offer solutions to environmental and social challenges. 


  • Diversified solutions that implement BCV’s investment policy
  • Funds systematically incorporate ESG criteria while meeting strict financial criteria (performance, risk, liquidity, costs, quality)
  • At least 25% of fund assets are allocated to thematic investments geared toward one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Funds managed and closely monitored by a team of experts

ESG features

Intégration systématique de critères ESG + produits thématiques

  • By integrating ESG criteria into our management processes, we can take account of companies’ exposure to ESG risks and opportunities, as well as how those risks and opportunities are handled.      
  • Thematic investments are geared toward one or more of the UN SDGs. This portion of the funds’ assets is invested (through financial products) in companies that provide solutions to environmental and social challenges, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, water or waste treatment, poverty reduction, education and training, and healthcare.

Choose between two investment strategies according to your risk profile

BCV Stratégie Revenu ESG Ambition

  • This strategy aims to provide moderate long-term capital growth and steady income. The benchmark allocation is primarily weighted toward bonds, with a small portion in equities.
  • Investment horizon: at least five years.

BCV Stratégie Equipondéré ESG Ambition

  • This strategy aims to provide long-term capital growth and additional income, with a benchmark allocation balanced equally between equities and bonds.
  • Investment horizon: at least seven years.