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University students

BCV is training the next generation by introducing current and recent students to a wide variety of banking specialties. Through our 12-month internship for recent university graduates and the shorter Master’s internship, students from Switzerland and abroad can get to know the world of finance and explore the many types of work done at BCV.

I had the opportunity to do an internship at BCV during the last semester of my Master’s program. For six months, I worked alongside asset management professionals as I wrote my Master’s thesis on calculating risk premiums in the various asset classes. In addition to being incredibly enriching, this experience brought me face to face with some common challenges in the banking world. When I graduated with my Master’s in finance, BCV asked me if I wanted to do a 12-month internship in the Asset Management Department. I accepted, and it has proven to be a great transition from university studies to the working world. Plus, it has given me a chance to specialize in a field while building up my network and learning about the Bank’s other businesses.
Estelle Buttoudin, Quantitative Investment Manager

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University internships in BCV’s Internal Audit Department are excellent opportunities to get exposure to BCV’s various businesses and learn about a wide range of challenging subjects. Interns are given responsibility right from the beginning and considered as full-fledged members of project teams. When I was given the chance to continue my career in the Department, I took it right away. I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone interested in learning about the many activities of a full-service bank – straight from the people who do them day in and day out.
Sophie Hostettler, internal auditor

Master’s internship

Would you like to complete your Master’s degree at BCV? We offer short-term internships lasting from three to six months in fields like Asset Management, Trading and Marketing.


How does it work?

Your internship is supervised by a university professor and an experienced manager at BCV. You will get to know the banking business through close contact with your mentor at BCV. Your knowledge from coursework will be applied to real-world projects that will prepare you for your career.

How do I apply?

Interested in a Master's internship at BCV? Submit an application containing:

  • A cover letter
  • Your CV, with a recent photo
  • Transcripts for all of your university-level courses
  • Certificates of employment and/or language certificates
  • Anything else that you think will strengthen your file.

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