Watch out for fraud! Be wary if you get a phone call from someone claiming to be an IT support person. Never install remote-access software, and when making payments be sure to check the payee’s bank details and the amount. Your log-in details are confidential – never share them with anyone!

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Working with more than half of all local SMEs

SMEs are a key part of the local economy, and we work with more than half of them. Our lending book for Vaud companies is worth some 11 billion francs. And two out of every three large corporations in Vaud bank with BCV. We also offer a number of services to business clients in German-speaking Switzerland. Working in Corporate Banking, you will contribute to the success of the local economy and guide business leaders through the entire business lifecycle, from start-up through to succession.

Advisory services and risk management

If you have experience in corporate financing, understand the importance of risk management, and have strong analytical, negotiation and communication skills, then a career in corporate banking might just be for you.

As a corporate advisor, you will manage and build a portfolio of commercial clients, guiding them through their financial transactions and offering relevant products and services. You will also work in close collaboration with other departments, particularly for activities such as exchange-rate hedging and payment transactions.

Exposure to a broad range of sectors

In Corporate Banking, you will rub shoulders with local entrepreneurs and learn about a wide range of professions and markets. You will guide your clients through each stage of the business cycle, from startup to succession. What’s more, our Large Corporates team is active throughout Switzerland.

Day-to-day support and career development

As an advisor, you'll get the right technical and administrative support so you can focus on what you do best. You will also be able to develop your skills through our dedicated training programs working in with SMEs.