Watch out for fraud! Be wary if you get a phone call from someone claiming to be an IT support person. Never install remote-access software, and when making payments be sure to check the payee’s bank details and the amount. Your log-in details are confidential – never share them with anyone!

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The biggest lender in Vaud

We lend more than 9 billion francs to local companies and finance one out of every three new builds. Our teams of lending specialists are an important part of this process, supporting client advisors by analyzing loan applications and drawing up contracts.

Credit analysis

As a credit analyst at BCV, you can specialize in individual clients, SMEs, real estate, large corporates, trade finance, or countries & banks.

A range of opportunities

Close at hand

All our credit-management activities are based in Lausanne, which means the work is fast-paced and decisions are made quickly.

Creating synergies

By working in close cooperation with your front-line colleagues, you will provide your clients with the best possible solutions.