Watch out for fraud! Be wary if you get a phone call from someone claiming to be an IT support person. Never install remote-access software, and when making payments be sure to check the payee’s bank details and the amount. Your log-in details are confidential – never share them with anyone!

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Working with more than 30,000 Vaudois

With more than 100 private banking advisors and nine regional decision-making centers, BCV is one of the leading private wealth managers in Vaud Canton. As part of our Private Banking team, you will provide clients with an impeccable, tailor-made service and all the products of a full-service bank.

Comprehensive advice and longstanding relationships

When you join our Private Banking team, your job will be to serve the people of Vaud and our international clientele, as well as lawyers, notaries, independent asset managers, tax advisors and financial advisors. Alternatively, you may prefer to join one of our teams of experts handling matters such as estates, retirement planning, etc. By design, BCV is just the right size to allow for effective collaboration – you’ll be able get advice about the local economy from our SME advisors and take advantage of our dense branch network by working with our colleagues in Retail.

If you possess wealth-management knowledge, you may choose to work with local or international clients in one of our many support, advisory or management roles.

Investment advice

As a wealth manager, your role will be to meet all the financial needs of private investors in line with BCV’s focus on developing personalized relationships, delivering a professional service, and offering a broad range of investment products.

Financial planning

The aim of financial planning is to ensure that private investors' needs are fully met at each stage in their lives. With the support of specialists, you will provide advice in such areas as retirement, tax, financial and estate planning.

A range of opportunities

Professional development

As a BCV employee, you will be given the opportunity to develop your skills and expertise through specific training programs, most of which will take place in our dedicated training center. We offer a number of professional training programs for client advisors as well as management training for team leaders and potential team leaders.

Close to your clients

As a private banking advisor, you will build a longstanding relationship with each and every one of your clients. This is made easier by our close ties with the local community and our presence across the Canton. You will also have the chance to meet with your clients at the numerous events that BCV organizes and supports each year.