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Non-banking careers

BCV’s banking specialists rely on co-workers in fields such as IT, marketing, communication, facilities management and human resources. These employees provide crucial support for our core commercial and advisory activities and keep the bank functioning smoothly. They can also have an impact on strategic considerations because they are not far from where decisions are made.


I have a degree in criminology, so I had little knowledge about the banking industry before I joined BCV as a Compliance Officer – but I do know how to investigate issues down to the last detail. That's what I do as a Business Analyst, and that's why I enjoy it. Thanks to my job, I now have a broad knowledge of banking that spans BCV’s many businesses, along with the opportunity to develop advanced professional skills.
Arnaud Vautier, Business Analyst, Back Office

A range of opportunities

What can you bring to the job?

BCV is one of the ten largest banks in Switzerland. Our employees work on all kinds of projects, adding value in their field of specialization and by virtue of their professional skills (e.g. project management and communications).

Getting the big picture

Our employees participate in large-scale projects that affect the entire Bank, constantly adding to their knowledge and understanding of the banking universe.