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Corporate culture

BCV is a benchmark employer in Vaud, offering an array of job opportunities in around one hundred different professional roles.

1. We are ambitious yet take a healthy approach to performance.

  • We set ambitious objectives for all our employees regardless of their level of responsibility.
  • We have a performance-based culture that encourages our people to strive for excellence and surpass themselves, while at the same time working within a team.
  • At BCV, your contribution is recognized and properly rewarded.

2. We offer competitive compensation and a first-rate benefits package.

  • Our compensation is in line with market practices.
  • You will enjoy attractive employee benefits.
  • We also offer staff the chance to buy shares on preferential terms.

3. Important decisions are taken locally by people close to you.

  • BCV’s management team is based in Lausanne, and we have nine decision-making centers located across the Canton.
  • Decisions are taken locally by managers who are close to their customers and staff.

4. Our management team is active and experienced and has close links to Vaud.

  • BCV’s senior managers were all educated in top universities and have held senior positions in major companies both in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Our corporate governance model is modern and based on best practices.

5. We're the right size – the contribution you make will be clearly visible.

  • We will give you the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks while at the same time staying focused on your area of expertise.
  • Our corporate culture promotes close ties among colleagues and encourages informal exchanges.
  • Every one of our 2,000 staff members knows the CEO.

6. We take a long-term approach to success.

  • BCV is the largest bank in Vaud Canton and one of the leading full-service banks in Switzerland.
  • Our penetration rate is close to 50% for individual and corporate clients in the Canton, making us the local bank of choice.
  • Our business strategy aims to create value, bearing in mind the principles of sustainable development.
  • Thanks to our prudent and rigorous management approach, we post excellent results year after year and still maintain our financial stability.

7. We actively encourage our people to develop their skills.

  • Whatever your area of expertise, you will be given the opportunity to further your training and hone your skills.
  • By working side by side with our seasoned professionals, you will never stop learning.
  • If you show potential, we can help you get into the best training programs in the best schools.
  • We have the largest bank training center in French-speaking Switzerland, with over 150 trainers conducting more than 5,000 days of training a year.
  • On average, each employee receives five days of training a year.
My job here at BCV is two-fold. On one hand, I manage various projects concerning our trading floor. On the other, I’m a trader myself. That way, I stay actively involved in the area where my projects are being implemented. For me, BCV stands out in terms of on-the-job training because it’s a place where you can really connect theory with practice. If I had to sum up my career at BCV in numbers, that would be 11 years on the team, 4 different job titles, and 5 specialized training courses.
Stéphanie Blanchet, Trader

8. Our majority shareholder is solid and respects the Bank's independence.

  • Our majority shareholder is the Canton of Vaud, which is a guarantee of stability.
  • As BCV has private, institutional and government shareholders, we have to make sure we find the right balance between our mission, growth and profitability.

9. We are a responsible employer and have strong ties with our local community.

  • We actively encourage our employees to get involved in their local community through regular community and outreach initiatives.
  • Our employees’ opinions are important to us, and we regularly commission a survey to assess their satisfaction and commitment.
  • We take a flexible approach to working, helping our employees find the right balance between their home and work lives. And 20% of our staff work part-time.
  • We offer a range of types of leave, including maternity and paternity leave, sabbaticals and extra leave after 10 and 20 years of employment at BCV.
  • We offer training programs aimed at promoting the professional development of women in banking. The courses enable participants to advance in their careers or take on new roles.
I’m really proud of what BCV does for the local community. I’m particularly proud of BCV Solidarity, as I myself am involved in similar work for underprivileged children.
Silvana Cantaluppi, provisions and reporting manager

10. We offer all the opportunities of a full-service bank

BCV is a rare commodity in Switzerland – we offer opportunities across all banking professions and all levels of responsibility.