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Are you looking for an apprenticeship in a stimulating and broad-based domain? Have you successfully completed your compulsory education with good grades in the core courses? Do you follow the economic and financial news? Are you good with numbers? Are you a team player who enjoys dealing with people? Are you organized and hard-working?

BCV offers commercial assistant apprenticeships to young people who are prepared for an exacting program of training in the field of banking. Our apprentices develop a variety of skills through this on-the-job training program.

BCV may be a full-service bank, but it is locally oriented – and that’s what made my apprenticeship a truly enriching experience. I had the opportunity to work in several of BCV’s businesses and quickly found that what I valued most was the time spent working directly with our clients.
David Annen, Branch Manager

Commercial assistant apprenticeship

How does it work?

The commercial assistant apprenticeship at BCV lasts three years. Upon completion of this apprenticeship you earn a Federal VET (Vocational Education and Training) Diploma. Training is threefold:

  • Studies at the VET school for commercial assistants
  • Courses on banking subjects at the CYP (
  • Practical rotations in different departments at BCV.

During your apprenticeship, you may also choose to complete the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate.

Where would I work?

BCV has branches all over Vaud Canton, so you will be able to work near where you live. You will be trained by banking experts and professional educators.

What experience would I gain?

By the end of your apprenticeship you will be able to assist our customers with their projects. These may include financing the purchase of a home, helping a local business owner with financing solutions for taking her business to the next level, or explaining different investment options to someone looking to grow his personal wealth.

And after the apprenticeship?

You will have several options for continuing your training once you have successfully completed your apprenticeship and earned your Federal VET Diploma. You can begin specializing in one of the areas you learned about at BCV, or complete the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate, which makes you eligible to study at a specialized higher-education institution. You can also choose to undergo in-house training in client advising, or you can enroll in an external program in order to earn a Swiss Federal Diploma in Banking and Finance.

Découvrez le témoignage de Jimmy Fiorito, ancien apprenti et actuellement conseiller bancaire.

How do I apply?

Simply submit an application containing:

  • A cover letterYour CV, with a recent photo
  • Transcripts for your three final years of school
  • Your Multicheck test (if applicable)
  • Certificates of employment and/or language certificates
  • Anything else that you think will strengthen your file

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