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Commercial property

Are you a real-estate professional, is your company looking for premises or does it need more space? BCV has around one hundred corporate banking advisors in Vaud who can provide you with their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the local property market.

A solution for everyone


With our fixed-rate loan, you'll know exactly how much your loan payment will be each month. Ideal if you have a steady income and want to avoid any unpleasant surprises from rising interest rates.


Want to take advantage of low or falling interest rates and adapt quickly to changes in the market? With our variable-rate loan, you can be flexible with your payments.

Market tracking

Do you keep a close eye on money-market rates? With our short-term mortgage loan, you can take advantage of the lowest interest rates but also switch to a different type of loan if you think the short-term rate will go up.

Looking for a flexible home-financing solution based on the SARON reference rate? We’ve got what you need – just make sure you have sufficient liquidity on hand in case the reference rate rises.

Financing your project

Do you want to buy or build a property? Our advisors are here to help you do precisely that.

BCV mortgage loans offer a variety of options: fixed rates, variable rates, building loans and incentives to invest in energy-efficient properties.


Renovating your property

Are you considering renovating your home, commercial space, or rental property? Renovations are a great way to increase your property’s comfort and value – and to reduce its energy consumption.

BCV supports green renovations and will provide you with the information you need to make your project a success.

Learn more

Our guide on energy-saving renovations outlines the key steps in the process and points you to the resources you’ll need to successfully carry out your project.

Guide to Energy-Efficient Renovations (in French only, 1.1 MB)

Finding the right spot

To help you find what you’re looking for, visit This website publishes offers of properties for sale or rent all over Switzerland. The site is supported by 15 cantonal banks, including BCV.

Knowing the local property market

BCV is a key player on the Vaud property market, and our advisors are extremely well informed. We also have a team of real-estate specialists who can put buyers and sellers in touch with one another. Don’t hesitate to contact them. They’re less than 10 minutes away, wherever you are in the canton.

BCV Immobilier

An in-depth look at Vaud’s real estate market

Every spring and fall, we publish our BCV Immobilier report giving you the information you need to navigate the Vaud real estate market. It includes:

  • Price trends by town and region, illustrated in maps and charts;
  • An overview of the local economy;
  • Closer looks at particular aspects of the market or at specific regions;
  • Updates on rental prices, commercial real estate, and real estate investment vehicles.

Available in French at or