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Capital equipment

The ability of your business to compete effectively in the marketplace depends on the equipment it uses. Equipment must be kept in proper working order and replaced as necessary. This ongoing expense can be financed through your own cash resources or external financing solutions.

Financing for all kinds of equipment

BCV offers various types of commercial loans, each with its own advantages. They all allow you to finance a wide range of goods: furniture, machinery, IT equipment, vehicles, equipment for a doctor’s office, manufacturing equipment, etc.

Loan types

SME Direct credit facilities

Our SME Direct credit facilities help small businesses obtain the financing they need.
To apply, you can use our online application (in French).

BCV capital goods loan

This is a fixed-rate loan whose term is determined by the repayment period of the item financed.

Fixed-term advance

Fixed-term advances are commercial loans with a fixed rate of interest that provide you with a liquidity reserve when drawing up a cash-flow projection. The funds are released in the form of a lump sum and are also repaid in this form on a defined date.

Commercial leasing

This type of fixed-rate financing is paid down in set amounts (in the same way as with a car lease).