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Changes to payment transactions in Switzerland

The Swiss interbank payment system is being brought into line with the new ISO 20022 standard. These changes will make payment transactions smoother and easier by introducing a single, automated data-transfer process across the country.

BCV will be here to help and advise you throughout the transition phase.


In 2020, the existing red (BV) and orange (BVR) payment slips started being replaced by QR bills – a single type of slip where payment details and the IBAN of the account to be credited are displayed in the form of a QR code, which has been standardized across Switzerland.




  • Payment files are now sent using the PAIN rather than DTA format

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  • Our e-billing system has been replaced by eBill

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  • The CAMT format for payment confirmations is steadily replacing all other formats

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For more information on the changes to payment transactions in Switzerland, visit the Swiss payment standards website


Answers to FAQs concerning the changover can be found on the new payment system Swiss payment standard website.

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