Securities account

Securities accounts are where your securities are held for safe-keeping. You can also use the accounts to keep track of events affecting your holdings, including dividends, distributions and share splits. Securities accounts are linked to Portfolio accounts.


  • Your securities are held in a secure account.
  • You can carry out all types of trades and easily manage your securities.
  • You get a year-end statement summarizing all your holdings, free of charge.
  • You'll be notified of corporate events affecting a particular security (such as a stock split or buyback offer).


If you have a Securities account with BCV, it will be linked to a Portfolio account. With these two accounts, you can keep track of your Securities and trade them. Any interest, dividends, and other payouts you receive on your securities are automatically deposited into the selected account. At the end of each year, we will send you a statement of your holdings, free of charge. We can also provide you with the necessary documents for your income tax and wealth tax returns, for a fee.

Fees and conditions

You will be charged an annual account administration fee, debited directly from your account.

Fiche tarif - Transfert titres


Fiche tarif - Transfert titres

D’une manière générale, les frais liés au traitement des titres non-physiques remis en dépôt, ainsi que leurs transferts internes vous sont offerts. Pour les transferts titres en sortie ainsi que le traitement des autres opérations de titres physiques et métaux précieux physiques, le tarif prévoit des frais forfaitaires liés au traitement des opérations, ainsi qu’aux frais réclamés par nos correspondants dépositaires.

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