It's never too soon to start planning


The best way to make the most of your options is by planning ahead. How will you afford all those things you want to do in life? Are you paying too much in the way of taxes? How can you protect yourself and your family against what life might throw at you? How can you maintain your desired standard of living after retiring?

Get answers to these questions and more. Your BCV advisor may recommend financial planning, tax advisory services, retirement planning and/or a review of your personal insurance.

Securing your future

If you are looking to cut your tax bill – especially if you face decisions with major tax implications – speak to your BCV advisor. Your advisor will propose solutions tailored to your personal circumstances and financial situation.

Economiser des impôts

Building a nest egg

You may want to save money now for retirement, future travel plans, hobbies, or simply for a rainy day. Or you may want to build up savings to pass on to your children or help a family member in need. Whatever your goals, our wealth management advisors can help you manage your day-to-day finances, start putting money aside, plan for retirement, buy property and make informed investment decisions. Naturally, their advice will take into account your tax and inheritance concerns. 

Constituer un capital

Protecting your family

It's never too early to start protecting your family from financial hardship and creating a financial cushion to shield them from life’s nasty surprises. Consider reviewing your pension, disability and life insurance coverage with the help of your BCV advisor, who will propose solutions tailored to your personal needs.

Protéger votre famille

Planning for retirement

Retiring is a big step, and it needs to be planned well – and well ahead. Not only does it mark a major change in your lifestyle, it also has a big impact on your family and financial situation. Once you’ve turned 50, it is important to re-assess your retirement savings and shore them up if necessary. Your BCV advisor can help you with this.

Préparer votre retraite

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