BCV-net is a fast, convenient, and secure way to manage your accounts online. When you sign up for this service, you will receive a user ID and password letting you access your accounts from your computer. With BCV-net, it's easy to do your own banking – whether you're in Switzerland or abroad.


Coming soon: a new look for the BCV-net homepage

  • What’s new: a more user-friendly layout
  • What’s the same: the login process (with your user ID and BCV smartID, text message, or e-code)
BCV-net Login


BCV-net is the fast and easy way to manage your BCV accounts wherever you are, whenever you want. To log in, you simply enter your user ID, scan the displayed QR code with your smartphone, and type in your password. You can then use the system to carry out secure banking transactions, set up payments and standing orders, and arrange automatic payments with our e-billing system.

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Signing up for BCV-net is free.

And our demo version shows how easy it is to do online banking with BCV. 

View the demo



e-documents: nouvelle présentation

Retrouvez tous les documents utiles pour remplir votre déclaration d’impôt dans l'onglet «Attestations fiscales» de BCV-net.


New features

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Log in securely

With BCV smartID, your smartphone becomes your key to highly secure mobile banking. When logging into BCV-net, you will be given a QR code to scan with your smartphone as part of the authentication process. This prevents unauthorized access to your accounts and effectively protects your personal data.


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Customize your online banking home page

All of your main account information is available at a glance on our new, customizable home page. Choose and rearrange which account, payment, and budget information you want to see first.


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Analyze your spending and plan your budget

BCV-net includes a spending analysis tool that lets you manage your budget and keep on top of your spending. Plus it includes automatically generated graphs and a breakdown of your finances by category.


Practical features

  • View your accounts.
  • Set up payments and standing orders in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Pay bills online (with our e-billing system).
  • Track your spending on your BCV credit or debit card.
  • Keep up-to-date 24/7 with text alerts.
  • Download and print your account statements in PDF format.
  • Contact a BCV advisor through our secure messaging system.

Important reminders

  • BCV will never ask you for your BCV-net password or PIN, or for your credit card number, PIN, or card security code.
  • BCV will never try to contact you on your personal email account.
  • BCV will, however, request additional authorization from you for some types of payments to new beneficiaries.

Enhanced security

Secure login

If you’ve opted to receive the authentication code, every time you log in with your user ID and password, BCV-net will send you a text message containing the code you must enter to complete the log-in process. If necessary, you can block access to your account quickly by entering an incorrect password three times in a row.

If you log in with BCV smartID via our BCV-net Mobile app, you simply enter your user ID, scan a QR code, and enter your password to log into BCV-net on your computer.

If you see any unusual message while logging in or during your session, disconnect from BCV-net immediately and call our hotline at 0844 228 228 or 021 212 10 00 (Monday–Friday, 7:30am–7:30pm).


Keep your computer virus- and hacker-free

Take the following steps to make sure the data on your computer is safe:

  • Install antivirus software with automatic updates.
  • Keep your web browser updated to the latest version.
  • Allow automatic updates of your operating system.
  • Set up a firewall on your computer.
  • Regularly back up your data on an external hard drive or in the cloud.

Recommended browsers



Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8

Mac OS X


Microsoft Internet Explorer

Version 10 or higher




Mozilla Firefox
Version 32 or higher




Google Chrome
Version 32 or higher




Apple Safari
Version 6 or higher



You can use older versions with BCV-net, but it is not recommended.

Optional software

BCV CLX.NetBanking


  • Free for Macs
  • Only downloadable from the website of the developer, Macrogram SA.

 Sign up for QuickPay

Sign up for BCV-net

Signing up for BCV-net is easy. Just read the BCV-net Terms and Conditions of Use (available below), and then:

  1. Download the BCV-net membership agreement, fill it out and print it
  2. Send it to us at:

Case postale 285
1001 Lausanne

Once we've processed your request, we will mail you your password.

What's the next step?

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Request information

Useful documents


BCV-net membership agreement

BCV clients use this application form to sign up for BCV-net online banking.

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BCV-net Terms and Conditions of Use

Once your BCV-net membership agreement has been approved, be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of use.

File size : 247.05 KB - Last update : 06 September 2016

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General conditions

BCV's General Conditions govern the Bank's relationship with its clients.

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